East Kilbride Weather Station News

Some occasional news and updates about the East Kilbride Weather Station

November 2014 - The weather station will upload some information intermittently for a while as we do some rebuilding work on the weather PC and web site. We hope to return to full operation around the start of 2015! Thank you for your patience.

October 2014 - The weather station site will close temporarily on 31 October 2014 as we do not have the time to keep it running at present. We hope to return around the start of 2015! Thank you for your past interest. We will leave the historical information in the almanac section here for now.

June 2014 - Moved the web site to a new host.

July 2013 - Well our problems with the dreaded BSOD continued despitre the new power supply and hard drive. For a while it was back to the old PC and the LD250 lightning detector. I don't like things to beat me so some more detective work and reinstalling of drivers followed by long testing was called for. Finally the system seemed stable and it was recommissioned about two months ago. The anemometer as also been relocated to the chimney so that it is more exposed to the wind as it's old home in the garden was becoming increasingly sheltered by growing trees.

26 November 2012 - Well things have been a bit frustrating this month. I decided to upgrade to a Stormtracker card for lightning detection. All was well for a few days then the dreaded BSOD made an appearance. Once I can live with but when this turned out to happen at random, some more investigation was required. Eventually I tracked the problem down to a failing power supply. Unfortunately before I could recover all the data, the hard drive failed - I suspect due to the power supply. Anyway, upshot is a new power supply installed and a new hard drive and all is well. Unfortuately a few days data has been lost.

11 July 2012 - Recently I suspected the antenna for the Boltek lightning antenna had failed. Some testing with a gas match and an electric drill (good sources of electrical noise) proved my suspicions correct. A new antenna was ordered from Skyview systems and delivered overnight. As I would be back up in the loft installing the antenna, I took the chance to build a new mounting out of some electical conduit. This now means that the antenna is as far away from metal as I can get in the loft. I also took the chance to make absolutely sure the alignment was right.

Some testing and comparisons with WASP and other sites recording lightning show all is well and I've resored the live feed to the site.